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You want your customers connect to your products and services.
The best way is to introduce your customers to your company and
staff. And present your products and services by clear images.

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Lifestyle and editorialshoots is a powerfull way of image branding. You can use it to create a brandig of you company or your seasonal collection. The concept of this kind of photo's will be discussed and well prepared.

For lifestyle and editorial shoots my offers will be based on my daily rates of € 650,00 excl. VAT and travelling expenses. Retouching is included.
Location, models, stylist, make-up and hairstyliste are offered seprately.


You will introduce your new collection and need photo's of every piece or a selection. We can make photo's in my studio or at a suitable location. During retouching background colour can be changed and skin will be retouched in a natural way.

When photosessions are planned in my studio my offers will be based on my daily rates of € 450,00 excl. VAT.

Location, models, stylist, make-up and hairstylist are offered seprately.

Fashion videos are a powerfull product or branding tool. These videos are usually planned at a suitable location.

My offers will be based on my hourly rate for video of € 125,00 excl. VAT and travelling expenses. Included are videocamera, tripod, 2 light set-up, directional microphone, wireless microphone (handheld or pin model), and location monitor. Other equipment will be offered seperately.

Location, voice-over, presenter, models, stylist, make-up and hairstylist are offered seprately.

During my working period at the Amsterdam Fashion Week I met many fashion desginers and fashion brands. After a period of time I had the pleasire to work for several fashion designers, fashion brands and fashion stores. Empress Brasil, Aqua Bendita, Sepehr Maghsoudi, Henk ter Horst herenmode amongst others.

Fashion photosessions are well planned. The concept that fits your branding needs te be talked over in depth. Also important part of the pre-production are the model and location scouting. Both need to support your branding. The day of the photosession models, make-up and hair artist, stylist and assistents are running around. I will be busy to put my lighting plan and other equipment into position and test it.

Everyone ready? Models  in place? Camera?


The work continous during post production. Checking if the clothes are the correct colour, the fabrics and designs, correcting little flaws and the retouching to meet the concept.
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AFW 4.jpg
AFW 9.jpg
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AFW 15.jpg
AFW 20.jpg
Lizzy green 3.jpg
Lizzy braun 1.jpg
Lizzy red 2.jpg
Lizzy-Debby roze green.jpg
Maria Sarah green.jpg
Mara Sarah red.jpg
Mariah Sarah yellow.jpg
Maria Sarah red 1.jpg
2-luik London 2019.jpg
2-luik New York 2019.jpg
2-luik Paris 2019.jpg
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Laura Blagogee comp FB.jpg
Laura Blagogee comp3-2.jpg
Laura Blagogee comp1-2.jpg
Laura Blagogee comp2-2.jpg
Laura Blagogee 2.jpg
Laura Blagogee 4.jpg
Laura Blagogee 6.jpg
Laura Blagogee 8.jpg
Laura Blagogee 9.jpg
Laura Blagogee 11.jpg
Laura Blagogee 12.jpg
Laura Blagogee 13.jpg
Laura Blagogee 14.jpg
WV 1.jpg
WV 2.jpg
WV 3.jpg
WV 4.jpg
Annette Gruppen 1.jpg
Annette Gruppen 2.jpg
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